Posted on: 09 June, 2002

Author: Ken Hill

Everyday the internet is used as a source of ... You can find ... about hobbies, careers, ... art, ... health, and just about anything else you can think of by simply se Everyday the internet is used as a source of information. You can find information about hobbies, careers, gardening, art, computers, health, and just about anything else you can think of by simply searching for it online. The net is also booming with the promise of being a great way of making money from home. If you've decided to try to make an income online, though, you've found that you needed to take the time to learn how to effectively market your products or services and you probably ended up downloading or buying at least a few eBooks to show you how to successfully promote your business, affiliate programs or opportunities. It's no wonder then that one of the most popular products on the net right now both to buy and sell is information, and that creating and publishing your own eBooks can be a great way for you to earn a good living online while providing your customers with valuable information to increase thier income and effectively promote their businesses. What Are The Advantages Of Starting A Business Selling eBooks? * You can start your business at a very low cost. * You have very little overhead costs once you get your business started. Whatever you sell is practically all profit. * Your cost of production is very small. Your customers can download your eBook right from your website. * Your eBook is delivered instantly to all your customers making the sales process automatic. You don't have to worry about or spend money stocking or shipping your product. * You can add as many eBooks to your product line as you want once you get started and increase your profits. * You have the freedom that comes from running your own business -- you can even further increase your profits by running an affiliate program.Plus you can: * Gain satisfaction from helping your customers successfully promote their businesses. * Gain recognition and respect as an expert in your field. * Gain a sense of accomplishment as a successfull business owner. * Gain more time and freedom to do other things you've always wanted to.And the great thing about marketing online with eBooks is that even if you create ebooks that you give away for free, you can still easily generate more traffic to your website and more profits for your business. For instance: * If you run an ezine where you promote your products or affiliate programs you can easily increase the circulation of your ezine by adding free eBooks as a bonus to subscribing to your publication. Allowing your subscribers to download eBooks you have written is a good way to show your subscribers that you are knowledgeable about marketing and can lead to them viewing you as an expert in your field. You can also increase your profits by including links in your eBooks to your affiliate programs or business. If you wanted to you could also include your eBooks in a members only site you create for your subscribers. Your members only site can have your eBooks, resources you think your subscribers will find valuable, and other sites you wish to promote. This also can be a great bonus to subscribing to your ezine and easily increase your subscriber base. * If you give away free eBooks with your marketing information to your visitors, you can also allow your visitors to rebrand your eBooks with a link to their site, products or services for free. This allows your visitors to promote their site in your eBook for free while promoting your products at the same time. This can lead to hundreds or even thousands of people promoting your eBook with your opportunties for free all with very little work on your part. * If you run an affiliate program, you can increase your business profits by creating eBooks for your affiliates to give away for free that they can rebrand with their affiliate URL. This can increase the income of your affiliates and also increase the amount of promotion you get from your affiliates. A win-win situation. * You can allow your visitors to read the first few chapters of an eBook you've written before paying for the complete version. This allows your future customers to see that you offer useful, helpful information, to make sure what you offer is what they want, and it makes it easier for them to make the decision to buy from you. And you can do much more if you set your mind to it. Not only can you write an eBook that deals with marketing or promotion, but you could write about anything that you are good at, or have knowledge about. What you do with your eBook is as limitless as your imagination. The choices are up to you. Article Tags: Affiliate Programs, Give Away Source: Free Articles from