Posted on: 22 September, 2014

Author: Carmella Borchers

One thing I love about the holidays is that I can indulge my guilty pleasures… and also, that I can indulge the guilty pleasures of my friends and family. No eggnog or candy canes for me. My guilty pleasure is romance novels. Although some of us “smart” women hate to admit it, they are a wonderful distraction from the stress caused by the daily grind. Whats the harm in admitting it? After all, reading romance novels, whether they are Erotic eBooks or old leather-bound Romance Novels purchased at an antique bookstore, they offer readers not only a way to relax, but path through which they can expand their imaginations.So, here are a few of my favorite guilty pleasures.Now were getting down to specifics.If I enjoyed them, chances are you will too guilty pleasures have a way of being strangely universal.1.Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught: If somebody described the plot of this book to me, Id never read it.Theres a rape.The main character, Whitney, is uncouth or feisty, to put it more politely.It has many unlikely coincidences and a contrived course of action.In short, its terribly tacky.Nevertheless, the first time I read this book, I could not put it down for days and for some odd reason, I continue to return to it years later.I even purchased the latest version, with the unpopular rape scene omitted which is a change for the better, I think.2.Splendor by Brenda Joyce: This story features a liaison between a Russian prince and a poor, but lovely bookstore owner who moonlights as a satirist.Her satires anonymously mock the foibles of the nobility, including the Russian prince.She delights the Russian society ladies who giggle at her jokes over breakfast.She does her clandestine reporting dressed as a boy, but of course, the Russian prince is able to recognize her in spite of her disguise.The plot is completely contrived, but filled with very genuine moments, and skillfully written.3.Luckys Lady by Tami Hoag: Although this book features a tired old theme  an older family member putting unreasonable pressures on the younger generation and driving the family apart.I keep reading it because I love the character of Lucky Doucet.A Cajun artist and a lovable bad boy, he makes it worth suffering through the twists and turns of a rather mediocre plot.Although hes rough, tough, and grouchy, he makes me laugh and his heart of gold always wins me over.Whenever I sit with Lucky, I always wind up with a smile on my face.Ill admit, his character is a major cliche but its so well done you forget.Hes the stuff of which fantasies are made.So, on Christmas, or for a loved ones birthday, why not give the gift of a romance novel? Give the possibility of a new guilty pleasure that the recipient can return to, time and time again.Dont forget that there are many Romance Books Online, perfect for Nook and Kindle owners.AlsoPsychology Articles, be sure to share your favorite guilty pleasures and give readers even more ideas.Lets hope that everybody can find something to get them through the cold winter months and beyond. Source: Free Articles from This article was written by Carmella Borcher.