Posted on: 26 December, 2011

Author: Funnyy

Normal 0 7.8 Å 0 2 false false false EN-US ZH-CN X-NONE ... Are human hair wigs suitable for a present? Let’s say, better do not give such a present. Especially if you want your girlfriend’s hair to be blond and she is a brunette, she might get very, very angry at you. Of course, there is still the opportunity that someone will appreciate your present but make sure beforehand that this person is really going to like it. Do you want to try human hair wigs but you are too conservative or afraid that your family and friends will not like this idea. If you worry about that you can simply forget about the idea and continue living your life with your the hair on your head. However, if you feel that you need to wear human hair wigs you can simply wear it at places where nobody knows you and where you are going to feel comfortable. Is it dangerous and unhealthy to wear human hair wigs? It is not until you are buying them from the appropriate store and you are taking care of them after that (for example cleaning them). What is really unhygienic is to borrow or lend human hair wigs. How many human hair wigs should a person have? From zero up to hundreds or more, it depends on people’s interest on hair wigs and, of course, on the price of hair wigs and people readyness and desire to spend money on hair wigs. However, it could be funny to have at least one hair wig for special moments, or when you want to trick somebody or just as a part of a Halloween costume. Hair wigs are used quite often by artists, especially by music stars. So if you want to be a rock star, even only in front of your friends and family, you could choose one hair wig and go directly on the stage.   Source: Free Articles from